Presales for Small Fires, Little Flames Coming to an End

June 16th marks Bloomsday AND the end of Presales for Small Fires, Little Flames.  Coincidence?  I think not…

Please, if you’ve considered purchasing a copy of the book, now’s the time to follow through.  Click here, and on August 11th, when the book ships, your delectable copy will ship, too.  Remember all artwork has been provided by Max Stablein.  That’s the Max Stablein. So.  There’s that to consider and reason enough to order multiple copies.

A special book signing, party and extravaganza follows the publication of Small Fires, Little Flames at our place in September.  Interested?  Send me an email, and I’ll make sure you’re on the list.

Here’s another sample poem from Small Fires, Little Flames:

Always the stars are in error,
shining too late and dying before
they can be shaped into truth.

Let my life be like this, too.
And when I die, my children,
the wishing starts. So does the light.

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