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On Job 17:13-15

If I look for Sheol as my house, if I spread my couch in darkness, If I say to the Pit, “You are my father,” and to the worm, “My mother” or “my sister,” Where then is my hope? Job … Continue reading

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Where to Start: On Choosings & Leavings

I’ve been considering a new course.  I’d like to include on this blog the work I’m doing — not poetry, that is, poems, but the reading that goes into the writing of poems — and I’d like to assume a … Continue reading

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It Must Be Time to Live

It’s been more than a year since my last post.  It’s been a year and three months, almost to the day.  This doesn’t mean I haven’t wanted to.  I’ve tried.  About a half-dozen drafts, begun and aborted, exist.  But the … Continue reading

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