Books & Chapbooks

Talk of Happiness (S4N Books, January 2018).

Small Fires, Little Flames (Finishing Line Press, August 2017).

Little Songs & Lyrics to Genji (S4N Books, 2010).

The Love of a Sleeper (Finishing Line Press, 2008).

Magazines, Journals, Anthologies & Newspapers

Abbey, #91, poem, “Robert Frost Comes to Dinner,” poems, “Deer ticks attach,” “So this was the secret” and “I’m not a poet today.”

Able Muse, poem, Summer 2012, “Following the sun.”

The Acorn, Summer 2001, poem, “Loper’s Path.”

Albatross, #21, poems, “Fall Chores,” and “Flurry, Early December,” poems, “How Close We Come to Love” and “Groundhog Day,” and poem, #26, “False-Spring.”

American Poets Abroad, poem, December 29, 2007 section 15 from “Lyrics to Genji.”

Anthology, vol. VII, No. 6, poems, “Edmund that Bastard,” and “In the Desert You’re Always in the Middle.”

Apple Valley Review, poems, Spring 2012, “Consider What the Wind Does,” “When the Basement Floods,” “The Trees Are Always Moving,” “The Little Doors of My House,” “Call This Paradise.”

The Basil O’Flaherty, song lyrics, November 2016, “The New Wine.”

The Basilica Review, poems, Fall 2009, “Recording What Is Gone,” and “How Stars Must See Themselves.”

Bellowing Ark, poems, vol. 18 # 1 “Black Hats Black,” and “Two Sun Myths,” poems, vol. 18 #3 “For Kate” and “Two Greeks,” poem, vol. 18 #6 “Faith is a special way of faking,” poems, vol. 19 #3 “The love of a sleeper” and “Two travelers,” poem, “Return,” poems “I wonder what” and “I’m waiting for the Water.”

Black Widows Web of Poetry, poems, “What takes from taking” (Maura cleans out the cupboard) and “Fit” (Maura and I bought the house).

Blind Man’s Rainbow, poem “Untitled” (Today is June 8th), Vol. X, issue 3.

Blue Unicorn, poem, “Tonsure.”

The Bookpress: the Newspaper of the Literary Arts, vol. 12 #4 May 2002, poem, “House of Books.”

The Bug Book.  Poets Wear Prada.  Winter 2008/ Spring 2009.  Poems, “‘10’ from Lyrics to Genji,” and “Cicada Shell.”

Bull, “Choice Cuts,” excerpt from a story, Spring 2014, “Men’s Extended Care.”

California Quarterly, Vol. 28, No.4, poem, “In a strange room.”

Cimarron Review, poem, Fall 2002, “Diminished Hours,” poems, “He become a poet because he could not be” and “He became a poet because he could not fly.”

Concrete Wolf, Winter 2001, poems, “The Difference,” and “Epistle to a Former Self.”

Cider Press Review, Vol. 4, poems, “1/30/02 (geese)” and “Sea;” poem, “The last poem I wrote was shit;” Vol. 9, poems, “Monks & Migrant Workers,” and “The God I Like Must Be False Because I Like Him;” Vol. 11, poem, “The Lesson Trees Can Teach” (Nominated 2010 Pushcart Prize); poem, “The Dark of Sheds,” (Nominated 2012 Pushcart Prize), Oct. 2012, Vol. 14, issue 2; poem, Vol. 17, issue 3, “That’s What You Call a Baby Whale?”

Dovetail Jan/Feb 2003, poem, “Awaiting Resurrection.”

The East Hampton Star, April 2000, short story, “Stealing Beethoven” and August 22, 2002 short story “The Cold Comfort of Wet Clay.”

Flash Fiction Magazine, September 14, 2019, story, “The Last Pigeon.”

Glass: A Journal of Poetry, March 2008, section “3” from “Lyrics to Genji.”

The Hunted News, Summer 2001, poem, “Visions and Revisions: New and Selected Poems 1999-2057.”

Inscape, Spring 2010, poem, “8” from Addresses to an Imaginary Friend.

The Light of City and Sea: An Anthology of Suffolk County Poetry, April 2006, poem, “The remains of a formal garden.”

Liturgical Credo, May 2012, 5 poems from “Essay on Faith,” including, “Men of Faith,” “Joseph on His Deathbed,” “Breaking the Sabbath,” “What It Means to Be a Disciple,” and “A Corinthian Responds to Paul.”

Long Island Sounds Anthology 2008, four poems, “What We Have Been Doing All These Years,” “What My Father Had to Teach,” “These Pluperfect Days,” and “The Experience of Wind”

Legible Press, online chapbook, three poems, “The Spider,” “Tonsure,” and “Remains.”

The Long Island Quarterly, Summer 2000, poem, “Sailing to Purgatory”; poems, “Epithalamion” and “Of the indestructibility of atoms and the nature of the universe”; December 2012, poem, “How the Stones Must See Themselves.”

The Long Islander, Walt’s Corner, April 2012 poem, “The World at 8 AM.”

Machinery Press, Dec. 2007, poems, “May 8th, 2004 (I Dream of Waves),” “May 13th, 2004 (I feel like I might float away sometimes),” and “June 4th, 2004 (This is the first of).”

Monday’s Poem, Leaf Press, Monday Nov. 26th, 2007, poem, section 10 from “Lyrics to Genji.”

Nimrod: International Journal of Prose and Poetry, poem, “It Might Be Happiness,” and “The Love Poems That Are Now” (semi-finalist 2019 Pablo Neruda Prize).

The Pedestal Magazine Political Anthology October-November 2004, poem “Ben and I.”

Pen Parentis, interview, October 8th, 2015, “On Parenting.”

Real: Regarding Arts and Letters 31.1 Summer/Fall 2006 poem “A Word Against Lighthouses.”

Red Earth Review, vol. 5, July 2017, short story, “Another Untitled Love Story,” and vol. 7, July 2019, “Suckling Fools.”

Rio: A Journal of the Arts, No. 9, poems, “Small Talk,” “Achilles of Green Suburbia” and “Extended Release.”

The Same, Fall/Winter 2010, poems, “To Do” and “The Bird a Bird.”

The Southampton Review, Vol. 1 Book 2, Summer/Autumn 2007, poem, “How Trees Must Think of Birds,” and poems forthcoming, Summer 2014, “To an Imaginary Friend” #s “4,” “12” and “14.”

Straight Forward, essay, January, 4, 2016, “What It Means to Be Contemporary: A Mediation.”

Taleisan, #1, Spring 2005 poems “When It’s Night in America,” “It was 1887,” “I dreamt you were guiding me,” and “Crossing the border”; #2, Spring 2006 poems “Stanzas,” “On Finding my hair in the drain,” and “I write these lines”; #3 poems “When the Trees Are Naked, We See What They Are,” “Eat When You Are Hungry.  Rest When You Are Fatigued,” and “Good News.”

Thanal Online Volume 2, Issue 4, May 2008, poem,  “This World Is Good”; Volume 3, Issue 2, January 2009, poems, “On Waking Happy,” and “A Lesson the Dead Can Teach.”

Think Journal, Fall 2009, poem, “What the Moon Says to the Stones.”

Underfoot Poetry, August 6, 2018.  Ten poems from Talk of Happiness.

Verse Daily March 16th 2004, poem “He became a poet because he could not fly.”

Xanadu 23 2002, poem, “Resolution.”


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