Reading Saturday, October 13th from 11 AM to 1 PM

Please join me this Saturday for a reading in Stony Brook Village’s All Souls’ Episcopal Church, 61 Main Street, at 11 AM.

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10 Poems from TOH Published on Underfoot Poetry

Thanks to Tim and Jenny Miller and Underfoot Poetry for publishing the 10-poem sample from Talk of Happiness.  If you like these poems, you’ll likely like the rest of the book, which you can purchase here.

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Reading Postponed

Tomorrow’s reading at Sip This is postponed because of the nor’easter coming. Shannon and I will read late in the year instead on Friday, Dec. 7th. Stay tuned for more readings.

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Talk of Happiness Is Now Available

Talk of Happiness is now available on Amazon.  Thanks especially goes to Tim and Jenny Miller from S4N Books for their continued support.  Pick up a copy.  Heck, pick up two.  I’ll sign one of ’em.

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Reading this Friday!

Come join me and my bride as we read from our most recent works.

Friday, March 2, 2018
Poets in Nassau
featuring Adam Penna and Shannon Mowdy, open mic to follow
Sip This
64 Rockaway Ave
Valley Stream, NY 11580
7:30 PM

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Reading Tonight!

If you’re in the area and undaunted by snow and ice and dark, I’ll be reading tonight.  And I’ll have plenty of copies of Small Fires, Little Flames and, before it’s even available, Talk of Happiness.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Performance Poets Association
featuring Adam Penna, open mic to follow
Sachem Library
150 Holbrook Road
Holbrook, NY 11741-1399
7 PM

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From Small Fires, Little Flames: A Reading

Here’s some video from Friday’s reading at BJ Spoke Gallery in Huntington*. Thanks to the gallery, those who came to listen and, especially, Kelly Powell, for hosting the event.

If you missed me here, you can find me featuring at the Blue Duck Bakery in Riverhead on Sunday, November 26th @ 2PM.

See more info about upcoming readings by clicking the Readings tab above.

*I’m not sure how the audio sounds, so I’ll post the poems I’m reading below.  If you like what you hear, you can purchase a copy of Small Fires, Little Flameshere.


The magician learns his art
and knows this spell or that one
will turn a stone into a dove.
The audience participates and sees.
There was no bird and now there is.

And saints practice humility,
praying for God’s will
who first caused doves to rise.
There is no art to this.
The congregation believes or disbelieves.

The poet is the one I love,
who tries to turn his heart into a dove
and fails or gets it right,
but no one cares or sees.


What god would prick
who could do more?

The one I know isn’t a wind.
He is a whisper.

Among the many voices he is one,
advising yes and no.

So long to other notions of the divine!
This one must do.

It’s been a good friend
since I was born.


I would revise so much
is how it used to go,
and then it changed and all
I used to know as loss
became not loss but possibility.

Potential is the better word.
I almost called it hope
but stopped, and would, just short
of that, because hope also means,
to my chagrin, hold on.


What word was it?  Oh, yes.
That one the heron said.
Was it only yesterday I heard it?

Or the day before and all the rain…
It’s better to be wet and know it
than think: the sun, the sun.

As if to pray were more than confirmation:
this is, and that’s enough.  No more
wishing for this monk.  Yes, that’s right.

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