The Care & Feeding of Long Poems (AWP 2012)

The AWP conference is coming, and I’m moderating a panel on the long poem and sequence. Here’s the info on the event and a description.  If you happen to be in Chicago…

The Care & Feeding of Long Poems

(Adam Penna, Matthew Zapruder, Kathleen Graber, Adam Day, Julie Sheehan)

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 at 1:30 PM

Empire Ballroom, Palmer House Hilton, Lobby Level

Pound said he couldn’t make his long poem cohere, and Berryman claimed the only happy people in the world were those who didn’t have to write long poems. In this panel, five poets discuss the challenges of conceiving, beginning, completing, and publishing longer poetic works. Panelists address their influences; define what makes a long poem a long poem; consider the advantages and disadvantages of writing longer works; and discuss the future of the form.

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